Electric Locks

Secure, Durable Locks and Preload Solution

The MEC family of European electric locks exhibit convenience and reliability found in electric and mechanical locks respectively. The ML-300-SW comes with a key cylinder as an option, and also the bolt deadlocks automatically when the door is closed to be secured.

The ML-350/360 series is designed with its high preload release capability that allows smooth operation even under varying loads on the door, such as air-conditioning pressure, changes in the weather, warped doors or doors with weather stripping.

Standard Features
• For double swing doors
• For narrow frames
• Field reversible fail-safe or fail-secure (For ML-210N-SW/ML-300-SW )
• Stainless steel faceplate
• Lock and latch monitor (For ML-350/360)
• Mechanical override with a cylinder (For ML-300-SW )

Patents, Approvals, and Listings
• CE: EN14846: 3Y5-0G101 (F or ML-350/ML-360)
• CE: EC3O3155 (For ML-350)
• CE: EC9D3005 (For ML-300/ML-210)
• NF S 61-937 Compliant (For ML-350/ML-360)
• Patented in China (F or ML-300/ML-210)
• Patented in Taiwan (For ML-300/ML-210)
• Patented in US (F or ML-300/ML-210)

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  • Electric Locks

    Secure, Durable Locks and Preload Solution